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ADMET / DMPK Senior Specialist

A very successful drug discovery company based in Poland and operating globally is expanding its R&D team in Medicinal Chemistry. A part of that will be creating DMPK department serving mainly for R&D purpose.

That’s the reason, we are interested in attracting experienced


DMPK / ADME Senior Specialist

Location: Krakow, Poland


To join the team of scientists working on hit-to lead drug discovery projects.

Purpose of the position is to provide scientific expertise and support for the drug discovery projects for the R&D department. Your primary role would be to develop, perform and analyze experiments specific to the R&D projects, to run PBPK/PBPD modelling and support the decision making for selection of compounds for the optimization cycles (based on metabolic stability data, metabolite profile).


You have proven skills in hit-to-lead and lead optimization phases of drug discovery. The responsibilities would also include data analysis, writing reports and gathering data for project meetings. Your secondary role would be to complement work of the ADME team with advice and expertise.

Also, in further perspective, the person would be responsible for expanding the team, setting up new types of assays, purchasing new equipment and improving workflow of the department.



• Day-to-day regular lab work including: set-up of experiments specific to R&D projects, set-up priorities, interpretation of results

• Support in the interpretation of routine ADME experiments and PK data

• Perform PBPK modelling based on in vitro results and prediction of the human dose

• Decision making and selection of compounds suitable for in vivo studies

• Transfer of Knowledge and expansion of R&D ADMET/DMPK team




• PhD in appropriate field is necessary – preferably degree in analytical chemistry

• At least 5 - 10 years of work experience in ADMET/DMPK field

• Proficiency in using LC-MS/MS instruments and techniques applicable to ADME assays, experience in Hi-Res MS analyzing drug in biological matrices

• Solid understanding of in vitro ADME assays for small molecules, including microsomal and hepatocyte-based metabolic stability, metabolite profiling, protein-binding and permeability

• Experience in PBPK and PBPD modelling assessment and predicting drug-drug interactions, experience in translating DMPK and PKPD animal models into humans would be beneficial

• Managerial/Team Leader experience would be a plus



If you are interested to apply for this position please send us your resume in English. We would be happy to discuss with you the career opportunities.

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